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It's coming! Hottest building works!

Author: MAX

It can be said that one of the hottest building works in 2019, the piano was selected as the ideal work. But this time, Xinyu brought you a product that LEGO couldn't do, a building block with Bluetooth audio.

First of all, creativity, appearance, and works are full marks. The best bricks in China are used (gobricks). It has attracted the attention of countless enthusiasts. So, is this piano fun? How's the effect? Let's do it! !! Let`s praise the spray-painted parts. It is really invincible. If it is all of this quality in the future, it is invincible.


2621pcs, Xinyu's packaging has always been my favorite

Behind the box are details and gameplay.

app connection



The product has a long carbon fiber shaft and a surprise bag. I have seen three types of speakers: gray, yellow, and red.

There are numbers on the bag

6 steps in total

The instructions are of very good quality.


There are small papers introducing the app and battery functions


Building process

The whole work is black brick, if the bag has no numbers, it will be really painful.

Tips, When sticking the top cover, do not press the brick in the middle, otherwise the lifting function will be invalid.

Because the bricks that are too tight are all made up of small plates, there will be a lift!

M motor, Bluetooth battery box, Bluetooth audio. Remember to test first.

In fact, everyone should imagine that the piano is a lot of repeated construction!

 Because there are so many, keep repeating, here is really no fun at all

The gold pieces are really very good.

Here comes the carbon fiber, the stiffness is even higher.

This key has been built for more than an hour.

There is a simple opening and closing position on the back for convenient charging.

This lid can be opened and closed and dustproof!

The bottom wheels of this piano are universal and can be pushed!




The Gobricks this time are very, very tight. The golden spray paint pieces are really perfect.

Mobility: chair lift, key cover opening and closing, piano cover opening and closing, wheels can be moved in all directions, keys can be played at will.

The Bluetooth sound effect is normal, it seems that the sound is not loud after putting it in the piano. But it does not affect this artwork.

This is a set worth buying.


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