Gobricks' LAND ROVER DEFENDER Profiling

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I just bought in newly-released Landrover Defender of Gobricks and want to share something during my assembly with other technic fans.

Packing Photo and Stickers

With the unpacking, the instructions manual is found to be very thick with a total of 434 pages. There are two sets of color matching stickers. This set has relatively small number of particles(only a few over 2,000 pieces), and is separated in 6 packs.

This set of Land Rover is with a two-color panels as shown in below photo. One is grass green, and the other is dark green. The packs with the big step number correspond with the procedures. Inside Number 0 pack are all bricks for universal use.

Assembly Process

First Part:

The first big step is the rear drive axle. My personal feeling is that the gear teeth are relatively hard. If you are patient, I suggest that you slightly polish the tooth edgesso that the linkage will be smoother and the sound of gear friction will be smaller. I have only slightly polished the three beige gears of the differential.

In Step 42 it is the first appearance of this part. From there onwards, it is recommended that polish the inside of the cylinder. After putting it on, you can toggle the orange gear to test whether the gear shifting linkage is smooth.

Then the rear drive axle and the transmission are connected. The remaining parts are to complement the entire structure and shifts. The first step is done.

Second Part:

The second part is mainly composed of the engine, the gear linkage structure, the front and rear seats and the steering wheel.

Then the engine part is combined with the gear linkage structure part, and they are also then integrated with the rear drive axle gearbox structure of the first part.

At last, put the roller hook structure on the front of the car, and attach the foot pedals on both sides of the body, and the front and rear seats. The second part is finished!

Third Part:

From the third part onwards, there are some exterior parts. Firstly, the rear bumper sticker on the rear of the car is not printed accurately. There are shifts and afterimages. Then the B pillar and roof frame on both sides of the body are fine. The rear view mirror is excellent detail and worth praising!

Now let's get to the doors of both sides. Here ’s a reminder: as shown in instructions, the red bolt and black parts have too much friction, so the door tends to make a squeaking sound. It is suggested that polish the green mark on the red bolt to reduce the friction.

 Now the third part is done!

The Last Part:

Finally the set has all completed!!

Overall Photos

Thank you for reading.

Attached is the purchasing link:https://joooooy.com/products/king-93018-guardian-off-road-vehicle-land-car-rover?_pos=2&_sid=2dd94e9ca&_ss=r&variant=31730798198874

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