Sembo 601093 Coffee Shop

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Note: This article is reproduced from WeChat public account: 积木堂.
Author: 巨胖界的瘦子
Translated and adapted by: Phil13

Sembo's just released new mini streetview.

This set is originally on 48 * 48 bottom plate. But for testing use, I just tried on a 32*32 plate. So let's take a look at the procedure and overall effect right away.




2095 pieces. With the familiar Starbuck's color match.

At the back are suggested ways for enjoying and appreciating. Sure thing that this set can be easily opened and closed. 



Instructions and the two packs.

Comparison of the bottom plates: 48*48(default plate of the set) and 32*32. I took 32*32 just for trial use. 

Assembly procedure

Floor. The right half can be opened and closed at will.

The stickers are of good quality.

It really restores Starbuck's style. Inside is not crowded at all, and it is very comfortable to stay in.

The bar really tempts me!


The 2nd floor. Pay attention to the wires. This set comes with lighting itself.  

Finished Set Display

Night view


By using size 32*32 bottom plate is just for testing, but it does not quite suit other street scenes. So we suggest you assemble basing on the default 48*48 plate.


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