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Today we bring you the latest STREET VIEW series, the Old Pub. This set's original design is from the famous "BrickAtive" (BA for short), so the information has attracted fans attention once the set comes out.

How will this set perform? Can ZHEGAO bring the shock of BA's design to the fans? Let's take a look soonest.



It feels the best overall among all designs of Zhegao's products. It is also worth noting that this series uses original Minifigures for the first time. 001.JPG


Compared to the package, the instructions are really low. Moreover, there are color differences between the picture and the real thing. With the gray-scale step processing and irrational steps, the assembly process becomes somewhat difficult. 002.JPG


The quality is good!



32x32 bottom plate, superb quality!


Shared parts


Assembly process

First step is assembling minifigurines. The original minifigures are divided into many parts.The pictures in the instructions are too small to see exactly that which expression matches which body, so I am just feel free to do... 007.JPG 008.JPG 009.JPG 010.JPG Then I started to assemble buildings finally.

Separation pack 1: 006.JPG 011.JPG Separation pack 2: 012.JPG

The printed brick here becomes normal ones? 013.JPG After finishing, I found there were some leftover pieces. But I was stumped by gray-scaled parts in the manual... Then I just leave it alone. 014.JPG 015.JPG Separation pack 3: 016.JPG How wierd that the printed part appears! 017.JPG Here all the 1x6 pieces are wrong with colors! At first I thought it was the problem of color difference in the manual, and I searched and compared for a long time! 018.JPG 019.JPG Separation pack 4:

020.JPG 021.JPG Separation pack 5:

022.JPG There is a problem with the two-to-one conversion here. 023.JPG And there is special note in the instructions. 024.JPG If not specified, just use the left type. 025.JPG 026.JPG Separation pack 6:

027.JPG Here I found two versions of parts again. Fortunately, this time it does not affect the structure and can be used at will. 028.JPG 029.JPG Separation pack 7: 030.JPG 031.JPG 032.JPG 033.JPG Separation pack 8: 034.JPG The dual-turning piece is loose that it was difficult to assemble well. 035.JPG Separation pack 9: 036.JPG 037.JPG 038.JPG 039.JPG Finally finished! It took me about 10 hours. 040.JPG Minifigures The original minifigures look a bit awkward. 041.JPG 042.JPG Accessories are available on any minifigure. 043.JPG 044.JPG 045.JPG

Finished set photos from different views


046.JPG 047.JPG 048.JPG 049.JPG 050.JPG 051.JPG 052.JPG 053.JPG

Details appreciation


054.JPG 055.JPG 056.JPG 057.JPG 058.JPG ATM has some surprising mechanism! 059.JPG 060.JPG 061.JPG 062.JPG 063.JPG 064.JPG 065.JPG 066.JPG 067.JPG 068.JPG This replacement idea is good, but why not fix it? 069.JPG 070.JPG 071.JPG Interior decorations In original MOC design, each layer can be easily opened and separated. In addition to that,the facades are also easy to detach, which is convenient for appreciating and taking pictures. 072.JPG 073.JPG 074.JPG 075.JPG 076.JPG 077.JPG 078.JPG 079.JPG 080.JPG 081.JPG 082.JPG


Thanks to the original design of BA, the finished set is quite attractive, so I really admire the design skills of BA!

you can buy it here: 



Note: This article is reproduced from WeChat public account: CK_Brickworld.
Original author: Sakura 小雪
Translated and adapted by: Phil13




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