LJ99002 Star Wars Series--The Millennium Falcon(1351pcs)

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Note: This article is reproduced from WeChat public account: CK_Brickworld.
Original author: Sakura 小雪
Translated and adapted by: Phil13



Today is the beginning of new year and also new century, and we gonna talk about the new released set -- LJ99002 the Millennium Falcon. Though the new Star Wars film The Rise of Skywalker does not hit good score, it won't influnce fans' affection to the Millennium Falcon.

Now let's cut the long story short and see the set.

Package Photo

Seems like complete restoration. But box photos may not be accurate.

001.JPG 002.JPG Instruction Manual

A heavy copy with some errors, omissions and color differences, etc.

003.JPG Parts package

Compressing former 10 separation packs into 4 was not a serious problem. However,all common large plates are in pack 1. So there are actually only 3 separation packs. And they do not follow the sequence, but just open the next pack when you cannot find the piece you need. At least they are in separations, right?...



The quality is surprisingly excellent! No matter printing accuracy, material and cutting are quite precise.


005.JPG Assembly Process

Basically complete restoration to the former sets.


006.JPG 007.JPG 008.JPG 009.JPG 010.JPG 011.JPG 012.JPG 013.JPG


It is so genius that the new android D-0 (similar to detergent :)) was restored! Beside are C3PO(left) and R2D2(right)

014.JPG 015.JPG Chewbacca and new character Boolio 016.JPG 017.JPG "Hey pal, what's up?" 018.JPG However, Finn has changed his hairstyle?? And the bag he carries is different. (Does the manufacturer have any complaints about Toad Finn's trying to swallow Swan Ray?) Lando wears two colored cloak. 019.JPG 020.JPG "Don't even think about that, lad!" "..." 021.JPG

Views from different angles



022.JPG 023.JPG 024.JPG 025.JPG 026.JPG 027.JPG 028.JPG 029.JPG 030.JPG


The parts perform well which are neither too loose nor too tight, and the gaps between are even.


031.JPG 032.JPG 033.JPG 034.JPG 035.JPG 036.JPG 037.JPG 038.JPG Though there are many scratches on the transparent parts on the cabin cover, the printing is fine. 039.JPG 040.JPG 041.JPG

Interior part

The opening way of the top cover for the new version is much more reasonable. 042.JPG The details are all restored with excellence.

043.JPG 044.JPG 045.JPG 046.JPG 047.JPG 048.JPG 049.JPG


I have tried several collections from LE JI and feel pretty good. This time LE JI challenged Star Wars series which has many special minifigures and also performed well. But it's weird that the hairstyle of FINN is not restored.


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