Mould King 13124 JEEP Wrangler

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This time we will test Mould King's 13124 JEEP Wrangler. Mould King series is very popular among brick fans since the brand is established.

BOX Photo

The Simulated Hub is creative and amazing!

Contents and Separate Packs

Instructions Manual and Stickers

Now assembly begins!

Most of the designs are different from those of LEGO's.

Here we strongly suggest fans test the linkage accordingly, because when you find something wrong finally, you have to endure the torture to take the bricks apart!

The vehicle is designed to assemble the frame before the appearance parts.

Vehicle front, where sticker is pasted.

 Assemble the upper part of front axle.

Then suspension.

The Wheel Hub is worthy of appreciating!

There is a major mistake in step 140. Mould King officially corrects.

When the two parts are connected, please check the linkage again!

Now it's turn to assemble the rear axle.

Unilateral exhaust.

Always remember to TEST LINKAGE after connection!

Finally the vehicle frame completed.

Then rear tail gate and spare tyre.

Seats, door and tunnel.

The vehicle is designed as non-bearing type, thus you can paint the body with your favorite color.

Finally the whole vehicle is finished!

Finished Vehicle Display

The gorgeous Wheel Hub!

But the tyre is a bit large that it gets stuck easily with vehicle frame.

The shining head lights are fairly nice!

At last, we strongly recommend the Wheel Hub, which worths of appreciating and playing. Just press the controller and let it roar on the road!


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