1735PCS Horizon Zero Dawn SHELL WALKERS

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  • MOC set without printed parts,stickers , minifigures

Customer Reviews

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Peter Voß
Nice Look but no good design

I am a huge fan of the Video Game and when I saw the Model of the shell walker at joy it was a must have!
The quality of parts is quite good (almost like the danish ones).
The design isn’t good. The ball joints of the legs are too weak for the weight of the container. The construction of the legs is also a big disappointment. You need lot of patience for them. The container didn’t fit in the purposed way - I was forced to change the construction.
In the end I decided to build an extra stand for the model.
I also had to change the construction of the arms for better stability.
After that the result looks quite good but not in the fantastic way the pictures on joys page.
The difficulty of this model is very high (but that was one thing I like).
But I really don’t recommend this model if somebody looks for a convinient build.

Frank Wilkens
Horizon Zero Dawn panzerwanderer

Das Set ist sehr gut aber am Anfang eine ziemlich fummelei. Der Kleber ist ein Hauptbestandteil dieses Sets.Ohne dem hält es definitiv nicht. Zum Schluss wenn der Container montiert wird ist ein Unterbau erforderlich da der Panzerwanderer sonst alle 6 Beine von sich streckt.

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