1252PCS MOC-29535 Ultramarine Primaris Redemptor Dreadnought Dave

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Terry Reed
A Dreaded Dreadnought

This set does look as cool as the pictures provided, however it is one of the worst building experiences I can say I have had, the instructions seem autogenerated as it will regularly ask you to place a piece floating mid air. The instructions also have you attaching parts that will then completely block off the next step and go back steps numerous times as if it was not reviewed by a person in advance to see what order you should build it in. As for the design itself it looks awesome however is has numerous larger parts connected by what I can only describe as hopes and dreams(and a couple studs). The backpack for one being a prime example as it is barely kept on there and regularly just falls off, the backpack itself being a mess of poor connection and odd building techniques that make it prone to crumbling in on itself as well. The build feels like if looking at it too hard will make it fall apart and it is a nightmare to reattach everything as putting any pressure to reconnect any one part to another will make something else pop off or crumble.

A major hurdle I had was the ankle joints as the ankle piece in the instruction manual was not the same as the one I got. The received one was 90% the same but slightly more squared off which made the piece not fit through the circle piece that makes up the lower part of the leg, I was able to get around this by using some of the spare 1x2 plates to make it stand off and have clearance. Yet another questionable choice is the foot itself as it has an axle that keeps sliding out because for some reason the 2x4 plate of the foot that would otherwise act as a backstop to the axle is instead a 2x4 plate with the holes in it letting the axle slide too far down letting the foot fall off. Using a regular 2x4 plate fixes the issue entirely. Its even more odd considering that is the only instance of them using the technic pin hole 2x4s instead of the regular, why even bother adding them at that point?

As for the parts themselves quite a few pieces were the wrong color shown in the instructions which led to much wasted time resorting over and over in a pointless attempt to find it before having to guess which color I should use instead as to not mess up the appearance. I also was missing a few parts, most notably the ribbon pieces were missing as well as a few other noncritical parts I was able to source my own bricks to fill. The quality of the bricks was mostly good, being fairly indistinguishable from lego, however I did have a few pieces that looked as if they had holes where the plastic from the injection molding had not fully filled in.

I believe this set has potential, however in its current state I would not recommend it, It needs a redesign of many of the weaker connections as well an instructions that are reviewed and edited by someone instead of being autogenerated.

TLDR: Looks awesome, bricks quality is tolerable, Instructions are quite bad, connections are exceptionally flimsy, be prepared to do a lot of jury rigging on the feet/ankles.

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