6735 pcs MOC-55403 Babylon 5 - UCS Scale

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  • Product model: MOC-55403
  • Product material: ABS plastic
  • 1.High-quality 2.brand new 3.Factory PRICE

Customer Reviews

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Frank W.
Beautiful model but tricky to build

One thing I have to say in advance: this set is a MOC. That means, of course, that there are some very adventurous building techniques with a possibly high frustration factor. The construction of the central cylinder went surprisingly smooth - despite the sometimes daring construction methods, without which this set could hardly have been built in this size, however. The front element of the station is not built very stable and tends to fall off afterwards, because it only holds on 4 studs. However, it really gets challenging in the rear section of the model. There you have to push various parts on long axles, which is partly only possible with great effort. And in the end, the construction is not really stable and not really firmly attached to the main cylinder. It is supposed to be removed for transport, but that also means that it often comes loose again by itself and partially crumbles. Since everything there was pushed on long axles, you also have no chance to disassemble it again and then rebuild. Somehow, however, I managed to fix it so that it holds. Then, when you think the worst parts are over, it gets critical again with the solar panels. They stand on their own stands and are each attached to the model with only 6 studs on one side. If you don't pay attention, half of the model will come apart again when you try to press them in place. In the end - when it is finished - it looks very nice. The effort was worth it. Put it on a shelf, never touch it again and be careful when you dust it. Quality of the bricks was good overall, but some of the tiles were badly scratched.

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