3361PCS MOC-24884 stifos - Millennium-Falcon

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  • Product Name:C4291
  • ONLY PDF  building instruction
  • MOC product will be shipped in 7-10 days after payment
  • MOC set without printed parts,stickers , minifigures


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update on my last comment

if I may, I would like to add to my last comment on stifos 'Millennium Falcon', because I just canceled the construction shortly before completion after about 530 construction steps... I'm going to say something... as a big fan of 'Star Wars' right from the start, I was 'in love with it' when I saw the Stifos 'Millennium Falcon'... I was really happy when it was offered here and so I bought it with happy anticipation... the service over all was really good ... I could always see where my package was and the processing took just 8 working days.. my thanks for that ... but building this fantastic model turned out to be more and more of a 'nightmare'... it started after just a few construction steps that parts were missing and I was only able to continue building when I reordered it via 'Bricklink.com'... then continued building... but soon more problems and the 'nightmare' continous... the clamping force of the parts used and especially that of the pins is partial 'Nil', or hardly there... due to this and missing parts I used some parts of my portfolio and had to buy some one, because I had not all parts ... when I carefully built up pressure, parts fell off elsewhere... and unfortunately that happened more and more often... whole construction passages were attached to a few, often only a single stud.. a necessary turn, for example to continue building below, unfortunately regularly led to parts falling off... I've been building terminal blocks from various manufacturers for a number of years, but I've NEVER needed glue to fix parts on its place... with this model I used a WHOLE tube of superglue to keep building forward... I don't want to speculate, but I think this model was only designed on the PC and not actually built according to the instructions... I'll 'check' it off as a bad experience and not order something again... unfortunately no recommendation from me, sorry...

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